Helicopter tour package

Helicopter tour is the greatest way of exploring the beautiful Himalayan country, Nepal. This tour is for those who have short period of time and don't want to stroll in those difficult Himalayan trails. Also for those whose physical condition is not good but want to explore the beauty of Himalaya. This helicopter tour can be run to make the trip short, otherwise it will take longer days. It gives you an exclusive opportunity to lie around in the luxury of nature and experience Nepal's sprinkled travels destinations from the comfort of a helicopter. It is a great adventure which is filled with an awesome and aspiring scenario of the Himalayas. There are many things to explore here in Nepal like: Himalayan glaciers, green hills, national parks and many more mysterious and remote destinations with this helicopter tour. This tour can be dreams come true for those who wish to explore different places with different attractions but are not able to do such due to their tight schedule.