Manaslu Conservation Area

Manaslu Conservation Area

Manaslu Conservation Area is a protected area located in the western part of Nepal. The conservation area covers an area of 1,663 square kilometers and includes the Manaslu mountain(8163 m) range, which is the eighth highest mountain in the world. The area was established in 1998 with the aim of preserving the unique cultural and natural heritage of the region.

The conservation area is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including over 2,000 species of plants, 39 species of mammals, and 110 species of birds. Some of the rare and endangered species found in the area include the snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, and musk deer.

The area is also culturally significant, as it is home to several ethnic groups, including the Gurung, Nubri, and Tsumba people, who have their own distinct customs, traditions, and languages. The area is dotted with traditional villages, ancient monasteries, and sacred sites, providing a rich cultural experience for visitors.

The Manaslu Conservation Area is a popular trekking destination, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the stunning natural scenery and learn about the local culture. The area is well-maintained, with well-marked trails, and a range of accommodation options, including guesthouses and lodges. However, visitors are required to obtain a special permit to enter the conservation area, which can only be obtained through authorized trekking agencies.

Activities: Trekking, Mountaineering
Accommodation: Camping, Lodges
Access: By bus to Dhading(87 km from Kathmandu)or to Besisahar(106 km form Pokhara) and then Trekking
Best Season: March-May; Sep-Nov